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Why should you integrate Workplace from Facebook with an identity management solution, and what is it?

When implementation IT tools, the IT department must take a position on identity management also when acquiring Workplace from Facebook. We describe in more detail what this means, and suggest an identity management solution that, among other things, minimizes administrative efforts, streamlines the login process, and provides an extra layer of security.

All employees must be created in Workplace from Facebook, changes must be reflected and employees who leave the organization must be deactivated. If the tool is not connected to the company's existing IT infrastructure, the burden on the IT department increases and also the risk of human error. It can also lead to poor user experience which in turn negatively affects the user adoption of Workplace.

What is an identity management solution?

An identity management solution connects Workplace and other IT tools to the company's IT infrastructure. Identity Management is about the management of the users in the IT systems, and by centralizing this management, a better uniform control can be achieved.

An identity management solution must be able to answer the following identity-related questions:

  • Who needs access to the service? (Identity Management)
  • How do users access? (Access Management)
  • How can the authentication be secured? (Multi-factor authentication)
  • How are changes reflected as when an employee quits? (Life cycle administration)

Does your company already have an identity management solution?

If your company already has an identity management solution in place that answers all the questions above, you should check if the integration catalog of Workplace provides an integration into your existing platform. If they do, everything is in place for your company to easily get Workplace integrated, and for all your employees to use the tool in a safe and user-friendly way.

However, if Workplace does not provide an integration with your solution, or it cannot address all the identity-related questions, you should keep on reading to find out how this can be solved.

What if your company does not have an identity management solution?

If your company does not already have an identity management solution, you probably have some form of user administration in use for the company's IT-tools. Such a system, as Active Directory or Google GSuite, is also used for access management and authentication.

Since employees are already familiar with this system for logging on to many of the company's services, it is an advantage to use it when Workplace from Facebook is to be implemented. Reusing usernames and passwords that employees are already familiar with minimizes administrative effort, streamlines the sign-up process, and requires less employee training.

What if not all identity-related questions can be answered?

  • What if your company already has an existing identity management solution and the Workplace integration is available, but all the questions still cannot be answered?
  • What if your company only has a form of user administration in place?
  • What if there are multiple sources of user administration in the organization?
  • What if the organization has many frontline employees who only need access to Workplace and not the company's other applications?

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Solution: The identity management platform Okta can handle all identity-related questions

Okta is easy to integrate, user-friendly and provide an extra layer of security

The identity management platform Okta is the leading cloud-based solution for identity and access management. The solution handles all identity-related issues, and is easy to integrate, user-friendly and provide an extra layer of security.

Organizations that have grown through acquisitions

Organizations that have grown through acquisitions of companies with various sources of user administration such as HR systems, LDAP directories or several Active Directory, can be integrated with Okta and then be able to provide Workplace securely and easily to all employees.

This was the case for Data Respons Group when they wanted all the companies in the group to use Workplace. With twelve different companies in one Workplace instance and with many different solutions for managing user identities, it was necessary to facilitate an easy and secure login, as well as a robust solution for identity management.

Read more here about the implementation of Okta and Workplace for Data Respons

Easy integration with Active Directory provides user-friendly login

All users in Active Directory can, based on filters, be automatically imported into Okta and from there provisioned to Workplace. This process does not require any involvement of the employees.

Employees will only receive an invitation by email from Workplace from Facebook to join the service. When they log in, they are not prompted to remember a new password. They get however automatic access through the login process they already use for the company's other applications.

Frontline employees who only need access to Workplace

Frontline employees do usually not have their own company computer and often do not have access to the company's collaboration tools. This may contribute to this group of employees feeling less connected to the company, and may be one of the reasons for high turnover in such positions.

Companies often struggle to include this group of employees because they lack the infrastructure required to effectively manage access for them at an affordable price. By combining Workplace with Okta, administration will be easy, time and cost saving for frontline employees as well.

Okta provides an extra layer of security

Okta also provides an extra layer of security. The solution includes advanced security features to prevent cyber attacks such as protection against DDOS (distributed denial-of-service), password attack detection and one of the market's most useful multi-factor authentication.

Cloudworks' bundle:
Workplace ♥ Okta

We offer a bundle that helps you with the implementation of an identity solution for Workplace from Facebook based on Okta.

The bundle combines Workplace Advanced licenses with Okta licenses. We help you with the initial setup and offer support for the solution.

Read here for more information about the bundle

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