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Workplace from Facebook – our digital coffee machine

The coffee machine is often the place for the inclusive and collegial conversation, but we can of course not spend the whole day there – nor meet colleagues from other offices. Fortunately, there is a solution to this and that is to introduce a digital coffee machine.

Alexander Friedensburg

Social communication tools are the future communication channels

Social communication tools such as Yammer, Slack and Workplace from Facebook give us this freedom. We believe this is the future communication channels in the workplace. Therefore, when we established Cloudworks, we decided to not use e-mail for internal communication from the start. Workplace from Facebook is our digital coffee machine; and even though it does not make real coffee, we have not regretted one second. On the contrary!

Workplace from Facebook – available on both mobile and desktop

Cloudworks on Workplace from Facebook

On Workplace from Facebook we inform and discuss everything from customer cases, technological development, social events, marketing, project progress and much more. Here we also ask questions addressed to the individual. It does not matter that everyone for instance can see if a project manager is asked about the progress in a project. Probably are there also others wondering about the same, and everyone will be able to see the answer. The communication is personal and engaging. If we meet challenges, everyone can help with advice. And we do that because we are committed.

Access to information creates knowledge of the company and that again, creates commitment that benefits the business.

E-mail creates silos in the company

We have a strained relationship with e-mail. An e-mail usually does not create the same engagement because it is impersonal and sender-directed. It is of course a fantastic invention. It has just become so much of it. An e-mail is well suited in a formal context or when the information is not shared with others. But how many e-mails do that apply to? We usually send to some selected ones since we have learned to limit who we send to, in order to reduce the e-mail volume. But the result is that we close others out of the information flow. They are not updated and can not provide valuable input. This happens all the time and contributes to silos in companies. Social communication solutions, in contrast to transparency, contribute to openness and learning.

The bigger the organization, the bigger the upside

The positive effect of such information sharing is believed to be significant and justified in some kind of an information democratization. Of course, we still use e-mail when necessary, and then mainly in dialogue with customers and partners. We are indeed a small company, and you may argue that it is much easier to provide a good flow of information in our company, compared to a company with hundreds of employees. It’s probably right, but the upside is even bigger for a big business. Just imagine how many hours of e-mail management a big organization can get rid of when switching to far more efficient channels!

If you want to find out more about how we can help your business to facilitate the efficiency of your internal communications, get in touch and we can have a talk over a good old coffee!

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