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Take the temperature of your business!

Is your company already on Workplace from Facebook, but don't keep up with the statistics of the tool? We recommend that you do, and you can read more about why in this article.

Thea Angelo

Workplace from Facebook launched earlier this year a new analysis tool at the request of several customers. Simple statistics have been replaced with several opportunities to gain insight into how the employees work together.

Why is it important to keep track of the statistics?

It is important to monitor the statistics to be updated about what is happening in the organization.

For example, if there is only activity in a few closed groups, that may be a sign of a low sharing culture or that employees do not want to stand out. Much can also be interpreted based on the response of various posts. If many have few comments, that may be a sign that the tool is being used more for one-way communication than two-way.

If you keep up to date with the statistics, you can more easily take steps to achieve the goals you have for the use of Workplace from Facebook. This ensures engagement and thus better utilization of the tool.

What is new?

Unlike earlier, you can now extract statistics back in time. Right now you can find statistics all the way back to August 2019. Perfect if you need basis for comparison. In addition, it is much easier to extract detailed statistics for each post. If you have an organization with multiple content moderators, this will give them a better opportunity to extract statistics themselves.

What is most useful?

The best part about the new statistics is that it is easier to take the pulse at the various departments in the organization. In the contact panel you can easily compare different departments and see how much contact they have with each other. This is useful for businesses where the fragmentation of usage is large, and it makes is easier to know where to focus on getting the usage up.

Get in touch if you would like a review of the analysis tool and input on how to optimize the usage of Workplace from Facebook in your company!

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