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Patrick McCue, Senior VP of Worldwide Partners at Okta, Inc. til venstre. Nick Miles, Director Regional Alliances – EMEA at Okta Inc.i midten. Arne Vedø-Hansen, senior IAM-konsulent i Cloudworks til høyre.

Cloudworks is Okta 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year

This week we received the award "Okta 2018 EMEA Partner of the Year" at Okta's annual Oktane19 conference in San Francisco, USA. The prize is awarded to partners who consistently deliver on all levels and who always deliver increased value to their customers through new integrations, certifications, and services.

We are honored with the award and see it as a confirmation of our commitment in the area of Identity and Access Management (IAM). The area of expertise is the core of our business, and we are experiencing tremendous demand in the market for our expertise.

Competence building within Okta’s solution has a strong focus, and we have the experience to handle all aspects of an IAM implementation project with everything from needs analysis and design, implementation, programming, as well as change and project management. This contributes in making us the leading Okta partner in Norway, as well as one of the leading in the Nordics.

An IAM solution is a control system for the security of the information in an organization. It is required to customize access based on user needs and responsibilities, maintain control and overview of sensitive parts, and ensure automated and regulated control of users and rights

Okta is the leader in cloud-based IAM solutions

Okta delivers a cloud-based IAM solution and was one of the first providers of such a platform. They have ever since been considered a leader in this category, and are distinguished by the fact that the service is feature-rich, user-friendly, scalable and adaptable.

The IAM solution can be adapted to the needs of the individual organization, and for this, the possibilities are greater than all comparable cloud-based services. In our experience it is easy to underestimate the complexity of future needs, and we therefore work closely with Okta to realize the customer’s ambitions. They are vendor-neutral which is a great advantage since the service can be connected to most cloud services. In other words, a perfect foundation for an IT strategy based on “best of breed”.

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Main photo: Arne Vedø-Hansen, senior IAM consultant at Cloudworks, proudly received the award on behalf of all of us. Pictured on the right with Patrick McCue, Senior VP of Worldwide Partners at Okta, Inc. at left, and Nick Miles, Director Regional Alliances – EMEA at Okta Inc. in the middle.

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