Information Security

Information security combines technology, risk management and management processes to ensure industry and regulatory compliance. We assist companies to identify threats and implement countermeasures.

Information security service offerings

Conduct a risk assessment of your identity and access management routines, and protect the company against cyber attacks!

Most cyber attacks are caused by compromised accounts. Identification and risk assessment related to identity and access management is fundamental when protecting the company against such critical incidents.

In collaboration with ORS Consulting, a specialist provider of risk management advisory services, we offer a risk assessment of your company's identity and access management routines.

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Cloudworks' Cloud Security Framework

Cloud services are forcing a need for new approaches to all aspects of security management. Cloudworks’ Cloud Security Framework is designed to ensure the security of our customers' cloud solutions. The framework provides a comprehensive overview, as well as increases the efficiency and safety of their cloud solutions.

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ORS Consulting

ORS Consulting is a leading Scandinavian consulting company in industrial risk management with activities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

They assist organizations with risk analysis and measures against various dangers, including so-called black swans, with the aim of preventing accidents and contributing to increased value creation.


Netskope CASB

Netskope is a Cloud Access Security Broker that provides control over the company's information sharing.

Netskope has a multitude of integration possibilties. With MS Office 365, sharing from OneDrive and Sharepoint Online is controlled, and integrated with Workplace by Facebook, posts with sensitive information are flagged or deleted, to mention a few.


Neupart Secure ISMS

Secure ISMS is an information security management system that streamlines work on risk assessments, follow-up and delegation of security tasks, as well as an overview of applicable processes in the event of security incidents.

Secure ISMS is provided as a service, supports all common IT security standards and comes with content templates making it easy to get up and running.


Microsoft Cloud App Security

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) for Microsoft's online service portfolio.

The service provides visibility, control over data traffic and better protection for your apps in the cloud.