Needs Analysis
Needs Analysis

Needs analysis

Identity is the new firewall. If the company doesn't know who the users are, they have no control. Therefore, companies need an identity strategy. Get an overview of processes, roles and needs relating to automation and self-service in your organization.

Cloudworks Identity Strategy

If the application portfolio for a company increasingly includes cloud applications, a need for an identity strategy is especially true.

An identity strategy should consider:

  • Sources where identity is created and consumers where identity information is needed
  • Categorization of users in relevant ways
  • Process flow relating to on- and offboarding
  • Authorization regime regarding access control
  • A desire for delegation of governance processes
  • Needs for self-service and automation

It is also important to clarify the infrastructure of the identity solutions and how they build on already existing solutions.

We help your business find answers to all these questions when establishing an identity strategy.

Our apporach and method

Cloudworks' IAM architects have many years of experience with planning, implementing and managing IAM solutions both in the public and private sectors. From businesses with a few hundred employees to enterprises with tens of thousands, both in Norway and abroad. Our advice is technology-neutral, based on our employee's experience with a variety of IAM products.

The scope of the work depends on the needs of the business, the complexity of today's solution and the need for analysis. The expected scope is clarified in advance and will be used as the basis for the assignment. If desired, the analysis can be performed at a fixed price.