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SailPoint delivers both cloud-based and on-premise Governance solutions controlling access to applications and unstructured data.

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SailPoint Predictive Identity

SailPoint delivers an innovative solution to ensure access across the organization with SailPoint Predictive Identity. The platform ensures that everything and everyone automatically has the access they need at all times.

The platform uses patented artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. It is designed to accelerate with the business, and delivers adaptive security, continuous compliance and improved efficiency.

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The benefits of using AI and ML

  • Predicts the need for user access
  • Detects risky user behavior
  • Achieves continuous compliance
  • Adapts security policies
  • Enables identity to be autonomous
  • The service learns and adapts as the business and IT environment develops
  • Removes complexity and makes identity simple

SailPoint Identity features


Gives employees automatic access to applications and data they need when they start in the organization, when they get other roles and positions, or leave the organization.

Access Requests

Provides employees with the ability to request and receive access to applications and data without the need for manual approval processes.

Password Management

Minimizes helpdesk inquiries by offering employees an easy, intuitive way to change or reset passwords themselves.

Access Certification

Assures the organization that employees always have the right accesses by automating the process of reviewing and reporting user access.

Separation of Duties

Detects and prevents toxic combinations of access and potential fraud by proactively scanning for violations.

Cloud Governance

Uses AI to detect and protect access to all cloud platforms and workloads including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Access Modeling

By answering the question of who should have access to what, roles are built and maintained correctly.


AI-powered recommendations can be used to determine whether user access should be approved or removed.

Access Insights

The identity program can be developed into a strategic resource by capturing and analyzing all access activities and events.


Proof of Concept (PoC)

Having implemented countless IAM solutions, we know the most common challenges well. We help your company test out the most critical features to make your investment decision.

We integrate SailPoint Predictive Identity with your test or production environment and assist with the completion of the test.

Implementation and onboarding

We set up SailPoint Predictive Identity for production, integrate with the customer's operating environment and applications, and assist with onboarding users.

Our experienced project managers and architects map existing operating environments and applications and prepare an implementation plan that takes the client's situation and needs into account.

We take over the roll-out of the service in the organization and provides a good user experience with the help of training materials and e-learning.

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Support and management

We assist the organization in management and development of the solution:

  • Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • IAM Support for ad-hoc assistance in case of errors
  • IAM DevOps, cost-effective and predictable development of the IAM solution

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How to go from Identity Management to Identity Governance

Free webinar - watch it now!

We invited Mikael Wikström, sales engineer and technical advisor at SailPoint, for a review of Identity Governance, as well as to discuss possibilities if the company already has an Identity Management platform.

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