Identity Governance

Identity Governance is about managing and auditing access, determining risk and taking action in case of policy violations. We help companies to streamline user lifecycle processes and comply with GDPR.


Needs analysis

Identity is the new firewall. If the company doesn't know who the users are, they have no control. Therefore, companies need an identity strategy. Get an overview of processes, roles and needs relating to automation and self-service in your organization.

Implementation and development

Implementation of Identity, Access & Governance solutions requires extensive experience in installation, configuration and integration. Roles must be mapped, access defined and processes integrated.

We can cover all roles in an implementation project, from architecture, development and testing to project and change management.

Support and management

We provide support and response time services to assist businesses in the operation and management of identity solutions. The service is provided based on Service Level Agreements and provides guaranteed acces to qualified personnel.

Platforms we support include Okta, Micro Focus/NetIQ, SailPoint, Microsoft Identity Manager and Azure Active Directory.


Okta Identity & Access Management

Okta's cloud-based IAM service is a feature-rich and user-friendly security solution that is well suited to both simple and complex scenarios.

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Micro Focus Identity Governance

Micro Focus's Identity Governance security products support dynamic workflow processes for access management, authorization, and auditing, especially suitable for larger businesses.

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SailPoint Identity & Access Management

SailPoint delivers both cloud-based and on-premise Governance solutions controlling access to applications and unstructured data.

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Microsoft Identity Manager
& Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) target customers with a preference for Microsoft technology. The platforms can be used separately or together for a comprehensive identity management of both cloud and on-premise platforms.