Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook

Workplace from Facebook is an user-friendly internal collaboration and communication platform for companies, which is available on both desktop and mobile.

At Cloudworks we are an enthusiastic team that has worked with Workplace from the very beginning. We offer different implementation packages, and can assist in identifying needs, build technical architecture, drive change management, look for integration opportunities, conduct employee training and making the tool work for you.


Some features in Workplace

Groups organize the collaboration

Communication and collaboration are structured based on groups. Groups can be open to all or limited to members, and there are no limits to the number of groups.

Real-time communication

Workplace allows employees to communicate quickly and easily through Workplace Chat, group chat, live video and video conferences.

Relevant news feed

The news feed is composed of information that is relevant to the individual. This is among other things, based on group membership, relations in the organization and interests.

Prioritize important information

Sometimes information should be prioritized. Workplace from Facebook allows selected people to mark messages as important and thus ensure that the message is prioritized in the news feed.


Engagement is shown in the form of answers, emojis, gifs, and overview of who has read the posts. This creates transparency.

Avoid interference

The «Do not disturb» feature can be activated when you want to work undisturbed or to present a presentation. No messages are forwarded when the feature is active.


The function polls can be used to take both social and professional decisions.

Organization map

Workplace from Facebook, with its focus on the individual, often has the most complete overview of employees, their affiliation with the company and their contact information. The embedded organizational map is automatically updated when changes are done.

Integration with the company's other applications

Companies that already use services like Office 365, Box and Jira can integrate these with Workplace. Often it may be more appropriate for Workplace to complement existing solutions than to replace them.


Organizations that must ensure that employees do not share unwanted information, such as credit card or social security numbers can, through Netskope integration discover, notify and remove unwanted messages.

The introduction of new tools is usually about the people who will use them. In order to succeed with the implementation of Workplace, the entire organization must be motivated and engaged. This is especially important in the beginning, because existing communication habits need to be changed.


Implementation packages


Technical assistance to prepare Workplace, as well as project management to facilitate the implementation

  • We offer templates, frameworks and project plans
  • Status meetings throughout the project to ensure you reach your goal
  • We share all our experience, but the business must drive the implementation itself

Recommended for companies that have their own resources to run the implementation





  • We help set up the business and get ready for launch
  • We assist hands-on with technical facilitation, analyze how employees work today, create a good group structure and have training for managers, local project managers, and champions
  • The local project group contributes to a greater extent than when choosing a Premium package. The project team must define goals themselves, communicate with the employees and work with content on Workplace
  • We interact through a Multi-Company Group on Workplace with the local project group and are never further than a chat away

Recommended for companies that need assistance, and can create content in the channel itself


  • We analyze today's situation, help get employees over to Workplace, educate champions and leaders, come up with content to the channel and help get employees to use the tool properly
  • After launch, we go through usage and statistics to find good cases for further use
  • We interact through a Multi-Company Group at Workplace with the local project group and are never further than a chat away

Recommended for companies with over 500 employees, or with limited resources to work on the implementation