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Micro Focus NetIQ Training

[COURSE] Micro Focus NetIQ training

Cloudworks is a leading Micro Focus NetIQ integration partner, and we have invited a senior NetIQ instructor from the US for a one-week training class for our consultants. We have a few seats available, and offer these to externals who can also benefit from diving deeper into the solution.

Åse Helene Rogne-Hansen

About the instructor

Steven Tharp has worked and educated IAM for 30 years and has been responsible for Davenport University NetIQ solution for the last 10 years. He has also educated as an Adjunct Professor on the same topic and frequently holds lectures on the Technology Transfer Partners EMEA group.

Target audience

The training class aims at experienced NetIQ professionals and will focus on NetIQ driver development. We recommend at least 2 years of experience working with the NetIQ Identity platform.


Please note that the course is held in English.


08.30 Introductions of participants and instructor. Presenting the agenda for the week
9:30–11.00 Development of Best practices (throughout the class). Creating Vaults and necessary environments
11.00 –11.30 Lunch
11.30 –15.30

  • Standard Model using AD driver
  • Understanding the driver channels and built-in engine
  • Discuss the direction IDM is going
  • Use of roles

15.30 –16.00 Quick summary of the day


08.30 Good morning class + quick look back at yesterday and today's program

  • Connect a system using CSV
  • The two most common use of this driver

11.00 11.30 Lunch
11.30 15.30

  • Review a shell script that can create a CSV file
  • Participants to install and configure the File Driver and use the CSV files provided to create and modify users

15.30 16.00 Quick summary of the day


08.30 Good morning class + quick look back at yesterday and today's program
08.45 –11.00

  • Business LogicSchema and schema Management
  • Explain the “Tower of Hanoi”, a way to write code

11.00 –11.30 Lunch
11.30 –15.30

  • Add and remove users from groups
  • IDM Drivers can execute code in several ways
  • Google Apps Manager (GAM) Driver

15.30 –16.00 Quick summary of the day


08:30 Good morning class + quick look back at yesterday and today's program
08.45 –11.00

  • Jobs Driver (Null driver)
  • Hands on exercise using logic to disable and delete accounts at a future date

11.00 –11.30 Lunch
11.30 –15.30 Compare the WorkOrder Driver and the Jobs Driver
15.30 –16.00 Quick summary of the day
16.00 –18.00 Get-together with pizza and beer


08.30 Good morning class + quick look back at yesterday and today's program
08.45 11.00

  • Tools
  • Folder with Resources from this class
  • Apache Directory Studio (
  • Console2
  • Validator
  • Shell Scripts
  • A Definitive Guide to NetIQ's IDM Tokens
  • Driver Monitor (Drvmon)

11.00 11.30 Lunch
11.30 14.00

  • Open Discussion
  • Quick summary of the day


Micro Focus NetIQ one-week training

When: Week 12, 16. - 20. March 2020
Where: Karenslyst allé 2, 0278 Oslo

We meet in the reception at 08.20 on Monday 16. March. Bring your computer with at least 16GB of memory and 250GB of free disk space. VMWare workstation Pro (Player or Pro trial can also be used).


Price: 20.000,- excl. VAT*
*Includes lunch and refreshments, and food/drinks on Thursday afternoon.
There are only a limited number of seats available. First come first served principle.


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