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Cloudworks has once again achieved Gazelle status!

After a demanding year in 2020 with diligent efforts from everyone in Cloudworks, it warms our hearts that we achieved to be a gazelle company yet again. It strengthens us in the belief that we have taken many right steps, and gives us motivation in the development of the company further.

Åse Helene Rogne-Hansen

Cloudworks is a gazelle company 2020

In 2019 at the first opportunity after four years in operation, we were proud and humbled that we reached Dagens Næringsliv's Gazelle list. Now, being on this list for the second year in a row does not lower our level of ambition. On the contrary!

And what is a gazelle company? Gazelle companies account for the largest growth in Norwegian business. We take that to heart with a huge yabidabidoo!

Criteria for gazelle companies

  • Submitted approved accounting
  • At least doubled its revenue over four years
  • Revenue of more than NOK 1 million the first year
  • Positive overall operating result
  • Avoided negative growth
  • Been a corporation

Source: Dagens Næringsliv, 2020

2020 started as a jubilee year

We started the year 2020 with great enthusiasm. With solid finances, strong partnerships and customers, the time was right for larger investments for Cloudworks to grow even further.

In the beginning of the year, we proudly launched our new visual identity and brand new websites. This gave us a solid toolbox to reinforce who we are, and makes us even more visible on our exciting journey.

When we moved into our brand new offices in February, we were especially looking forward to invite to both professional and social gatherings. We felt we were on top of the world. This was the year Cloudworks was to gain extra momentum in so many areas. So we did - just from each home office.

From brand new offices to home office

Our big housewarming party, board game nights, breakfast seminars and the celebration of the 5th anniversary of Cloudworks, had to be cancelled. We made the necessary changes for the new working day in relation to both customers, partners and ourselves - although with beating hearts for what the future had to offer.

Being a consultancy company working with IT security, we were already set to work securely and efficiently from home. The new situation required our working days to become even more structured than before, and although we were physically working apart, we felt we got closer together.

Our efforts have yielded results

We have been extremely lucky. The need for our services and solutions has continued to increase, and has in part been critical to get in place for many of our customers.

It has been healthy for each one of us to have both fun and challenging work tasks to dive into every day in these otherwise incomprehensible times. We see clear results of all the efforts we put in for both our individual development, Cloudworks as a company and for our customers and partners. That gives us a sense of purpose.

We chose to roll up our sleeves even more in 2020, and gave our best for Cloudworks to continue to be the workplace we look forward to coming to every day. Even though we so far only get to it digitally!

Bli en del av vårt sterke kompetansemiljø i Cloudworks

The pictures in the article are from 2019.

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