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Cloudworks on the doorstep of Dracula’s land

Every year the whole company goes on a trip together. This year, it was to our great colleague Andrei’s homeland Romania. An uncharted territory for many of us.

Cristina Moldovan

From Thursday to Sunday, we got to discover a new country, culture, city, food, lifestyle – and just as intriguing, we got to know both old and new colleagues a lot better!

Uncharted territory

As we landed in Bucharest, summer temperature welcomed us along with our drivers ready to take us to the hotel. We soon discoverd that the traffic is infernal, but it came to no surprise since Bucharest’s population is almost double compared with Oslo, 3 to 4 times with transit traffic, and many use their cars for transportation.

On the way to the hotel, we were impressed by the immensity of the communist buildings like Casa Presei Libere, Palace of the Parliament, the city’s architecture overall.

After a speedy check-in and unpacking, we headed out to the restaurant Maize, a Romanian fine-dining restaurant, located in the posh area of Bucharest, Dorobanti. The chefs at Maize reinvented Romanian food, taking it to a whole new level of sophistication and creativity. We were spoiled with ingeniously crafted dishes, using ingredients from local producers around the country and presented as fine art.

Competence day

On Friday we had our competence day. We discussed various projects, as well as the strategy for the company. To set aside time for everyone to be heard, and for everyone to be able to influence the strategy of Cloudworks both in the short and the long run, we believe is a big part of our success. Both for our customers and in terms of employee satisfaction, since every new colleague, customer and business partner has an impact on the development of Cloudworks.

Friday night

The evening started with dinner at the most popular restaurant in Old Town, Caru cu Bere, which is the where to go when a foreigner wants to experience authentic-traditional Romanian food and culture. As per custom, we all shared the food and desserts, and the dinner was topped by folklore dances on the main floor.

Later we strolled through Old Town’s tiny streets and terraces, and found a small place with good music. What better way to loosen up and get those happy hormones flowing than dancing to 80’-90’ songs.

Explore, discover, relax

We had organized two options to choose between on Saturday, and we were perfectly divided into two even groups.

The Spa team enjoyed mineral pools, themed saunas, water slides and a full day of relaxation at the famous spa in Bucharest called Therme. While they were soaking, others were discovering.

The sightseeing team went with the underground to the biggest market in Romania, Piata Obor, where a huge spread of various vegetables, fruit, cured meats and dairy products adorned the space in a beautiful array of colours and diversity. We were lucky enough to stumble upon a small celebration of the Autumn Harvest where traditional folklore was experienced.

The journey continued with a tourist bus around the major boulevards, showcasing pre/post-communism architecture, along the way of the Village Museum where traditional houses from different areas of the country are arrayed.

In the evening we all met up for a stroll to the Old Town for our last night together in Bucharest. We enjoyed great food, drinks and laughs at a cool roof-top restaurant followed by an exotic nightcap at a nearby bar.

During the trip we created memories, we bonded, we explored, discovered, developed, spent time talking, spent less time sleeping, integrated more. Who knows where next year’s trip will take us, but hopefully it will be just as fun as this one!

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