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The Banagalore Technical Conference 2019

The Bangalore Technical Conference 2019

Both business- and skill wise, it is again demonstrated what immense value the Bangalore Technical Conference has for strengthening relations between Cloudworks and Micro Focus.

Andrei Sandulache

The Bangalore Technical Conference, also known as the Technology Transfer Partners conference, TTP, is an exclusive conference for invited partners only. It is limited to 50 participants and has an agenda focusing on products and solutions developed by Micro Focus in India.

Last year our colleague Ragnar and Dagfinn attended The Bangalore Technical Conference 2018. Yet again we are privileged to have been invited to the go-to conference of all things technical in the Micro Focus/NetIQ universe.

What sets the Technology Transfer Partner event apart from the other events is that this one offers the chance of meeting the engineers, architects, product owners and product managers of a particular interest area.

It was a full paced week where sessions spanned from Filr, ZenDesk, Identity Manager, Access Manager, Groupwise, eDirectory and many more; alongside workshops and 1-to-1 talks with the engineers.

Highlights of the conference:

  • For us IDM geeks, the highlight was the container support for Identity Manager 4.8; a couple of hours session where we acted as beta testers for the new containers
  • Docker deployment of eDirectory and Access Manager
  • A session from Micro Focus Global Support, held by Rodrigo Gomez, where he took us through some of the most common tips, tricks and traps around eDirectory and Identity Manager
  • Access Manager lab where the participants could experience a vanilla setup, as well as set up their own SAML integration with Advanced Authentication
  • Showcase on IDM drivers health check using monitoring tools by Carmel College
  • Identity Intelligence – an interactive analytics and reporting capability for Identity Governance Administration data, which is derived from the Micro Focus Identity Governance and Identity Manager solutions

Bangalore as a destination offers a unique view into India, being a technologized city blended with tradition. We will definitely return.

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