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Alexander is a passionate leader!

For many, it is essential to have a good boss, or rather to have a boss who is a good leader! We have that in Cloudworks - and if you would like to work with us, you are probably wondering how our leader is. That's why we're going to tell you a bit more about Alexander!

Åse Helene Rogne-Hansen

Alexander goes all in

Alexander is Cloudworks. Cloudworks is his baby. His attitude is that if it is good for Cloudworks, he will do it. Even if it is way outside his comfort zone. Like wearing a chicken costume. But he did. With his great smile and laughter! And it created a lot of joy. He simply goes all in!

Infectious happiness

It bubbles throughout Alexander when he talks about our customers, colleagues and the road ahead. And it’s contagious. It spreads to us working in Cloudworks, to customers and partners, and also to potential customers and colleagues. No wonder things are going well. Because it does. We are constantly getting new projects and customers, and that is why we also need more talented people too. Maybe like you?

In love with Norway 

But, now it was Alexander we were going to tell you about. He grew up in Germany and spent the summers as a little boy at the family cabin in Kragerø (south of Norway). It was because his mother was Norwegian. In search of his childhood memories, he brought his family with him 18 years ago to start a life in Oslo. He soon found out that Norway can be anything but a hot summer day in Kragerø with the ice well planted in his hand. Yet it was in Norway he wanted to stay. He was in love with the country, the people and the way we live our lives. And all of us in Cloudworks are happy he made that choice.

Educated cellist

Alexander is originally a trained musician. A cellist! From others, we have heard that he was a skilled one too. Maybe he will play for us someday? However, we are pleased that his career path took a turn into our industry. The IT world fascinated him, and he has worked extensively and in various areas of the industry. Just over three years ago, the start of Cloudworks was a natural choice. He made that choice with some of our other skilled colleagues. Since then, things have been going well, with solid growth of both new customers and colleagues.

Engaged, curious and humble

And how is he as a leader? Well, he is someone who is committed to making us shine. He makes us find our way in the company and at the same time sets requirements. The latter is also important. We like good results. Alexander is both a leader who shows the way and shares of his knowledge, and at the same time he listens, and is curious and humble for what he doesn’t know. His attitude is that everything can be learned, and that has been especially important during our start-up phase. We are full of admiration for all the hats he has been wearing, and some he is still juggling around.

An excellent colleague 

Alexander is a wise man. And intelligent. That is important too in a leader. We have a leader to discuss and collaborate with, one to respect – and that is vital for the company to continue to succeed. It also motivates us to put extra effort into building a culture and a company that we are proud of and that we want to develop further. Maybe you would like to join us? Building Cloudworks with us? And get Alexander as a leader. And as a good colleague! For he is that, too.

Do you want Alexander as a leader – and as a colleague, and all the rest of us too? Write some lines about your background and why you would like to work with us, and send it along with your resume to If you have any questions, just call Alexander on +47 995 95 873.

We look forward to getting to know you better!

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